That’s it.

I sold my product, and it doesn’t belong to me from now.

After more than a year of working on Pingr, I got an offer from a random person who wanted to acquire it. And I accepted the offer. …

Forms are essential parts of any user interface. They differ from a single input and a button, ending with huge complex forms containing multiple sections.

The validation process often accompanies forms. For developers, it might be clear how the form should be filled. …

I’m working on my own product which is a simple uptime monitoring tool,

Like any of the other founders, I’m trying to find what’s called USP = Unique Selling Proposition. Something which others don’t offer, something unique (if it’s possible at all).

Recently I came up with an idea…

COSTA Coffee

My favourite one. I heard that this is British company, not sure if it’s well-known, but anyway.

This cafe is placed inside a shopping mall. I visited the mall for a few years and I worked in the cafe a few months before I started Pingr. I guess…

Almost a year ago I started working on Pingr.

I did this because I thought that the idea, although not novel, was very clear. …

Victor Ponamariov

👉 Posting about UI/UX here:

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