That’s it.

I sold my product, and it doesn’t belong to me from now.

After more than a year of working on Pingr, I got an offer from a random person who wanted to acquire it. And I accepted the offer. And decided to put all my effort into my passion.

Brief Stats

— Time spent before PH launch: ~8 months
— Total time spent working on the product: ~14 months
— Hours spent: ~1000 (~600 hours tracked)
— Number of users: ~560
— Number of paying users: ~20
— Number of lifetime deals sold: ~20
— Number of monitors: ~1400

Forms are essential parts of any user interface. They differ from a single input and a button, ending with huge complex forms containing multiple sections.

The validation process often accompanies forms. For developers, it might be clear how the form should be filled. But developers are not users and usually, they don’t take into account how exactly users work with your application.

Your users can be children. They can be old. They can be tired. They can be drunk.

They can fill the form from mobile. From tablet. From desktop.

In a car. In a cafe. At home.

They can…

I’m working on my own product which is a simple uptime monitoring tool,

Like any of the other founders, I’m trying to find what’s called USP = Unique Selling Proposition. Something which others don’t offer, something unique (if it’s possible at all).

Recently I came up with an idea which I want to share with you.

What problem do site owners have?

Case #1

I worked in a company that was developing a mobile app. We had a site which we used rarely. We needed this only for showing for potential investors, business partners, etc.

One day I wanted to check something out and visited…

COSTA Coffee

My favourite one. I heard that this is British company, not sure if it’s well-known, but anyway.

This cafe is placed inside a shopping mall. I visited the mall for a few years and I worked in the cafe a few months before I started Pingr. I guess I get acquainted with everybody there: security, salesman, baristas, even some random people who lived somewhere near. I talked to baristas so much that they started to make me coffee for free :)

Here is a funny story. Once a barista showed me a paper, saying that this is kind…

Almost a year ago I started working on Pingr.

I did this because I thought that the idea, although not novel, was very clear. I estimated that the implementation of such a service will take approximately up to 300 hours in total and I will finish it by the end of 2019.

Now, things work never as expected. In the end of the article you’ll find surprising insights about why motivational videos on youtube usually don’t work!

What happened?

I had to cope with several problems at once:

  1. I had a hard time at my work, since I had few projects and…

Victor Ponamariov

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